Hemp CBN Tinctures

Strength: 300mg



CBN another amazing Cannabinoid from the Hemp plant. Humboldt's Cabinet only offers Cannabinol (CBN) in Isolated form to offer a pure experience for our customers. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions or for more information. Do not be confused with competiors cheap CBN bottles with lower quality oils and/or companies who use regular broad spectrum distillate and market it as CBN because it has trace amounts of CBN naturally. Our CBN is 98%+ and odor free, and we have seen some competitors use CBN as low as 3% in the extract! Always trust Humboldt's Cabinet for a premium experience.

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Humboldt's Cabinet consistently brings high quality hemp products directly to your door with competitive pricing. With quick click online shopping, you can get any order size at ease without any waste of time. 

Tested 5+ Times Before Reaching our Consumer


CBN Purity of 98%+

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