Humboldt's Cabinet Utilizes SquareUp.Com's payment system because they allow Hemp products legal under the Farm Act of 2018.

The payment methods accepted are listedĀ on but there are no fees thatĀ our customer's will ever see. When you get a refund, there is no fee associated with the agreed upon amount that is sent to you.Ā 

Square UpĀ is a credit card processing company and do not use any third parties. Square Up directly runsĀ the transaction with input from our websites. In general we take American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard but there are some country specific cards we accept also.

Humboldt's Cabinet Hosts its own Node for the Crypto Currency's Listed. We utilize BTCPay as it simplifies checkout. We Timestamp bitcoins value in USD, all returns will be done in the original order's USD Value. Our fee is listed during checkout.Ā 

All the fees that a user will encounter during checkout are itemized on the final checkout screen.