Humboldt’s Cabinet strives for quality without compromise in all its products. Owned and operated by Californian family and friends, we stand behind all our products with full weight of our reputation. Our full spectrum hemp CBD products are carefully formulated using the high quality ingredients such as THC-Free CBD Distillate and CBD Isolate-99.9%. We work with carefully chosen consistent sources with quality as their priority, which makes all our products completely safe to use. We offer Non-GMO and THC-Free hemp CBD honey, hemp CBD pods, CBD wax, CBD vape pens, CBD Tinctures, and terpene enhanced CBD. Every batch of our Hemp CBD is Third Party Lab tested multiple times before reaching our products. We ensure that the Hemp CBD we use is completely free of pesticides, heavy metals, and any impurities. We only use home grown and processed Hemp CBD, grown on fully licensed and registered farms and labs in the United States of America.