Hemp CBD Honey - 250mg



Some of nature's most amazing components, joined together in this excellent product! We only source high quality honey from the best beekeepers we can find. Beekeepers are important, and if you are one or know one, feel free to reach out to us. Our current honey batch is from Brazil  and infused with our broad spectrum cad distillate that is made from Full Spectrum Hemp. Our honey offers amazing flavor and qualities. Farmed in a rural area free from commercial farming techniques and pesticides, this honey ensures the safety and quality we demand from our products.

All our CBD is third-party lab tested for potency and is completely free of THC, pesticides, heavy metals, and impurities. We stand behind our product fully, and our quality is never compromised.

Our goal here at Humboldt's Cabinet is to bring the highest quality products to market. We are owned and operated by family and friends, and keep them in mind when we make our products.

Humboldt's Cabinet brings high quality - fully compliant products, made with Hemp CBD that is sourced from USA Compliant Hemp Farms in Southern Oregon. 

Every hemp plant used, is organically grown and extracted under cryogenic temperatures. This process allows the lab to specifically target the valuable components of the pant, while leaving behind the undesirable water-soluble elements. After this extraction process, this high quality crude is extracted through a custom designed glass distillation system. The utilization of a glass short path system enhances potency and clarity while producing a pure honey colored distillate. The distillate at this point, is our Full Spectrum Distillate which can be further refined into THC-Free Distillate or Isolate. 

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