CBD Isolate 99.7%+

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Our CBD isolate is sure to impress. This isolate is a pure, crystalline, flavorless pharmaceutical grade powder that boasts 99+% pure CBD. The hemp plant matter is completely removed from the isolate. This plant matter that is removed includes, oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and more. This results in a CBD isolate powder that is close to chemical pure. This degree of purity allows accurate dosing with ease. It is also flavorless, so can be virtually added to any product without altering the flavor profile. 

CBD isolate is the most cost efficient hemp product you can buy, and it is suitable for any application where CBD is needed. It is best in applications where minor cannabinoids aren't necessary, and the ease of dosing is important. 

Humboldt's Cabinet brings high quality and fully compliant products, made with Hemp CBD that is sourced from USA Grown Hemp.

Every hemp plant used, is organically grown and extracted under a proprietary cryogenic extraction process. This process allows the lab to specifically target the valuable components of the pant, while leaving behind the undesirable water-soluble elements. After this extraction process, this high quality crude is extracted through a custom designed glass distillation system. The utilization of a glass short path system enhances potency and clarity while producing a pure honey colored distillate. The distillate at this point, is our Full Spectrum Distillate which can be further refined into THC-Free Distillate or Isolate.